Site Network

The goal of GAP-Net is to build a global network of optimized clinical trial sites that are certified to meet industry-accepted quality and performance criteria. Sites selected to participate in GAP-Net have demonstrated abilities to increase participation in clinical trials and accelerate enrollment. GAP-Net sites will perform trials across all trial phases and all stages of Alzheimer’s disease. GAP-Net will also streamline administrative tasks such as budgeting, IRB clearance and contracting through the use of a common toolbox across sites. Through this work, GAP Net will reduce cycle time for clinical trials and increase trial standardization across a large network of sites.

Partnering Sites

The GAP-Net partners are top-performing, respected academic and private institutions that share the goal of streamlining clinical research and drug development for Alzheimer’s disease. These sites are also committed to sharing information and fostering a collaborative environment across the network. To see a full list of our GAP-Net partners, please visit: