How a Raleigh Clinic is Helping Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s clinical trial participants are getting a lift to their appointments at Raleigh Neurology Associates.

The Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation, in partnership with Lyft, is providing transportation to participants in an Eli Lilly study testing a therapy to attack plaque in the brain characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.

Sean Walsh, director of clinical research at Raleigh Neurology Associates, says the new partnership will help the patient experience and increase efficiency and lower costs. Raleigh Neurology is one of 15 participating clinical trial sites.

Atop the list in terms of challenges Raleigh Neurology Associates faces related to Alzheimer’s clinical trials is “getting patients to the site to have research done,” he says. The new partnership between GAP and Lyft will be a “game changer,” he says.

Many Alzheimer’s patients don’t have transportation, Walsh says.

Link and other information unavailable as of February 2020.

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