Memory Testing is Something You Should Get Done

GAP-Net site, Okanagan Clinical Trials, sent a letter to the editor of a local publication on World Alzheimer’s Day on reasons why you should get involved in a clinical trial.

Dear Editor:

World Alzheimer’s Day was this week, and Okanagan Clinical Trials wants you to have your memory tested in celebration.

While I know it may seem like a daunting prospect, I am here to tell you that just like going to the doctor for an yearly physical, it is critical to have your memory testing annually to gauge normal age-related memory loss and catch abnormal memory loss early.

When offering memory assessments, I tend to hear similar responses to the opportunity. “Oh no, I’m too scared to know my results” or “What’s the point? What can I do if my memory scores are poor?”

Memory testing can be especially scary for those who have noticed their memory is not what it used to be. However, it is important to note that our memory performance is expected to diminish with age! We all know our bodies start to work less efficiently as we age — it is the same story with our brains.

The cognitive assessments we provide at Okanagan Clinical Trials gives the participant a good idea of their current memory functioning and is unique in that our staff spend a significant amount of time with each person discussing their specific memory concerns.

If a person does not perform as expected for their age, then more investigation is needed to understand the root cause of the memory loss.

The investigation can be done by your family doctor, with the help of our clinic through participating in a clinical research study, or both.

The most common feedback I hear from a participant after completing a memory assessment is “that was very interesting, and I shouldn’t have been so worried.” I agree.

Have no fear — get your memory tested. Knowledge is power, and knowing where you stand cognitively, allows you to introduce lifestyle changes to improve brain health or make any necessary legal/financial arrangements if progressive memory loss is discovered.

At the end of the day, the goal of all health testing is to gain access to information that can potentially impact future decision-making.

We like to have control of their lives and knowing our health issues allows us to make well-informed decisions. I invite you to reclaim your power by getting your memory tested today!

If not for you, think of your loved ones.

Dr. Kim Christie, president, Okanagan Clinical Trials

Originally posted by The Kelowna Daily Courier on September 25, 2020

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