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Brain health is supported by eight “pillars”. Attention to these pillars of brain health may reduce your risk of cognitive decline as you get older. See below for articles and resources linked to each of these pillars.


Sleep Well

Sleep Well

Poor sleep may heighten Alzheimer’s risk Click here

Source: Medical Xpress

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Eat Well

MIND Diet | How to eat for a healthy mind – 11 things you need to know

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Source: Diet Spotlight

Stay Active

How exercise may help the memory grow stronger

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Source: New York Times

Exercise Your Brain

Artscape: Striking a new chord, part 2

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Source: Rhode Island Public Radio

Connect With Friends & Family

Good friends might be your best brain booster as you age

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Source: Kaiser Health News

Relax And Reduce Stress

An easy meditation practice to reverse memory loss

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Source: Huffington Post

Control Risk Factors

Diabetes: A modifiable risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease

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Source: BrightFocus Foundation

Get Involved In Research

Find out about local research opportunities

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