Mia Chester

Mia has been working in healthcare since 2005, focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and elder adults for the last 14 years. She has led initiatives for diversity and inclusion based-programs, specifically working to build partnerships with faith-based organizations, anchored in African American and Black communities, to support families affected by dementia. Mia is a member of GAP’s Inclusive Research Infinitive (IRI) team, where Managers of Diversity and Community Outreach (Community Connectors) help to improve representation in clinical trials by providing support to GAP-Net sites throughout the US. This support includes and is not limited to recruitment strategy, AD awareness and education, community engagement, community mapping initiatives and building relationships with community partners that serve in underrepresented communities. She received a B.S. in Healthcare Administration from Albany State University and a M.A. in Health Promotion from the University of Alabama.

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