Stefanie Juliano, MA

Stefanie joined GAP with over 20 years of clinical research experience in hospitals, private and academia settings. She has previously served as a lead medical science liaison at USC Keck School of Medicine at the Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute, was a research assistant intern Touchpoints, was a research coordinator and rater at Jackson Memorial Hospital, and was a clinical research coordinator and psychometric clinician for Alzheimer’s disease at several research facilities. Stefanie serves on GAP’s Participant Service (GPS) team as a liaison, who support GAP-Net sites to meet their screening and randomization goals through various strategies including community outreach, physician and community partnerships, and advertising. Liaisons share best practices in GAP-enabled trials and help sites address obstacles as they operationalize studies. She serves sites in south Florida. Stefanie earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Development with Moderate Special Needs from Wheelock College and a Masters of Arts in Child Development from Tufts University. 

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