Tamiko MaGee-Rodgers, PhD, CCRP

Tamiko has worked in the field of aging for over 15 years, including serving as a Mental Health Clinician and a Case Manager in a Psychiatric Pavilion for older adults. She supported a longitudinal Alzheimer’s disease study at the Indiana University School of Medicine where she engaged in community outreach efforts to support recruitment and retention. Tamiko is responsible for assisting and leading the development implementation and management of recruitment strategies for GAP-enabled clinical trials. She leads GAP’s Inclusive Research Initiative (IRI) team with our Community Connectors, working in tandem with our GPS liaisons, to reach traditionally underserved populations to educate and provide access to neurodegenerative research. Tamiko holds a B.S. in Psychology from Indiana University- Bloomington, a M.S. degree in Gerontology from the University of Indianapolis, a graduate certificate in Health Policy, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University.

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