Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation Commends National Institute on Aging for Advancing Its 2025 Goal by Funding a Diversified Portfolio of Studies

NIA Makes $9 Million Multiyear Grant to Study New Therapeutic Approach, an Orally- Administered Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Washington, DC (May 20, 2019) – The President of the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation (GAP), John Dwyer, today issued the following statement:

“The nearly six million Americans with Alzheimer’s and their families deserve for no scientific stone to go unturned in the search for a cure. The Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation commends the National Institute on Aging for funding an expanded portfolio of later stage clinical trials. There is a large group of innovative Phase 2 therapeutic candidates that must be pursued to determine whether they represent promising potential cures for Alzheimer’s. NIA funding directed at such trials is critical to achieving the NIA’s stated goal to effectively treat the disease by 2025 and accelerate the delivery of new drugs to Alzheimer’s patients. Grants like the NIA’s $9 million multiyear grant to T3D Therapeutics for its Phase 2 study of T3D-959 play a pivotal role in advancing the Alzheimer’s disease drug development pipeline. GAP applauds the NIA’s efforts and encourages the Institute to expand its activities in this area.”

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