Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation Statement on Biogen’s Submission of Aducanumab Application to the FDA

Washington D.C. (July 9, 2020) – The President of the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation (GAP), John Dwyer, issued the following statement regarding Biogen’s submission of its BLA application for Aducanumab with the FDA:

“The Alzheimer’s research community is looking forward to a thoughtful review of Aducanumab and ideally, approval by the FDA. This application represents a singular accomplishment of Biogen and the broader research community. Most importantly, it is a testament to the dedication of the thousands of research volunteers who participated in Biogen’s studies for years.

Even when a trial is not successful, the research volunteers, noble citizen scientists, have made contributions that were not in vain, because they have advanced the science and catalyzed future successes. Today, as we celebrate a significant milestone, the first of its kind in over 17 years, GAP wants to thank the medical researchers, clinical site staff , and research volunteers who have participated in any Alzheimer’s studies over the years, and who share in this accomplishment.”

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