Statement by GAP President John Dwyer on the results of the Phase 2 trial for Donanemab:

We congratulate Eli Lilly on the results of the Donanemab clinical trial showing it significantly slowed the cognitive and functional decline of people with mild Alzheimer’s. This is a major step towards discovery of a disease modifying therapy.

Alzheimer’s patients, their families, and researchers are heartened and hopeful to see strong evidence that the treatment slowed participants’ decline in memory and ability to perform activities of daily living by 32% after 18 months.

We are proud of the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation’s contribution to the Donanemab clinical trial, called Trailblazer. Twenty-five GAP Network sites participated in Trailblazer, and GAP supported their recruitment and enrollment activities for the study.

Moreover, we are encouraged by the unique design of this study. If subsequent data confirms the Trailblazer results, this therapy may allow patients to only be on the drug for a concentrated period of time and then have treatment cease when the therapeutic benefit has been realized. This will reduce the cost and time of treatment and improve access to the drug for all Alzheimer’s patients. Donanemab offers real hope to the entire Alzheimer’s community. GAP is grateful to the men and women who participated in this trial, the clinical researchers that undertook this study, and to Eli Lilly for their rigorous pursuit of a cure for Alzheimer’s.

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