How the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation Contributed to AAIC

Revolutionary Studies, Record Breaking Collaboration, and Promising News on Biomarker Studies Top the Charts at AAIC  

Washington D.C., Aug 31, 2023— Researchers and leaders from the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation® (GAP) assembled with the world’s leading Alzheimer’s researchers, patient advocates, and clinicians at the annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC). From the memorable week, four key moments stood out with the potential to revolutionize current processes and practices in the industry.   

1. Bio-Hermes-001- the Lynchpin of Alzheimer’s Early Detection

The Poster on Bio-Hermes-001 study topline results brought promise, serving as a key element for getting to disease diagnosis in a novel manner. In 2021, GAP launched Bio-Hermes-001, the first-of-its-kind biomarker study to compare the results of several blood-based and digital biomarker tests with the results of four cognitive tests, including brain amyloid PET scans. The study closed 18 months later with more than 1,000 participants, 24 percent of whom are from traditionally underrepresented communities. The results showed blood-based AD biomarkers are associated with brain amyloid positivity warranting further analysis of the Bio-Hermes community-derived database of blood-based and digital biomarkers.

2. Apheleia-001- Innovative Pre-Screener Study

The Poster on Apheleia-001 outlined the novel prescreening study designed to enrich and accelerate Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials by efficiently identifying trial-eligible participants determined to have a high probability of study inclusion, including amyloid positivity. This study shows promise as an innovative pre-screener study which uses blood-based biomarkers to identify prospective volunteers more quickly for therapeutic Alzheimer’s research trials. The hope is that by doing so, people with Alzheimer’s disease may get diagnosed and treated faster.   

3. CEOi’s Blood-Based Biomarker Working meeting

The  CEOi’s  Blood-Based Biomarker Workgroup meeting showcased the Workgroup’s progress to prepare for widespread adoption of blood-based biomarkers in routine clinical practice and was moderated by GAP President and CEO, John Dwyer. The conversation was rich, highlighting workstreams to enable a simpler, more efficient, and accurate Alzheimer’s diagnosis. The meeting also brought in over 170 stakeholders in academia, industry, research and patient advocacy and can be viewed here.    

4. Co-Hosted Networking Opportunity

To expand the opportunity for experts in the field to network, GAP co-hosted a reception which inspired mingling of the top minds in Alzheimer’s Disease research. Co-hosts included Global CEOi Initiative on Alzheimer’s Disease, Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative and UsAgainstAlzheimer’s. More than 400 researchers, study sponsors, biotech and tech companies and science-allies  from around the world gathered to celebrate recent hope in new treatments and breakthroughs, collaborate, and strategize on the work left to come Relationships built in settings such as this have been known to spark innovation and help build the momentum for finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.



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