Community Newspapers: Aventura Mother and Award-Winning Volunteer Celebrated by Local Researchers for Outstanding Volunteerism

By  Community News Releases, May 9, 2024

Visionary Investigators Network honored Joanne Bridges, the recipient of the 2023 National Citizen Scientist Collaborator Award® to recognize her extraordinary efforts as a study partner in an Alzheimer’s clinical trial at  Visionary Investigators Network.

The Aventura mother and resident was selected as a National Honoree for the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation® (GAP) Collaborator Award, from a pool of nominees from across North America to be honored for her inspiring caregiving for her husband, Jerome, as he participates in a clinical trial at Visionary Investigators Network.

“I am lovingly and mentally supporting my husband in sharing this episode of his life. I am learning to be a caregiver and joyfully helping him to move forward positively,” said Joanne Bridges. “The most rewarding aspect of supporting a participant in a clinical trial is that I can open the door to hope. Participants often have mixed emotions and fear of the unknown. Doing my best, where he knows I am truly in his corner, is a fantastic feeling and makes everything worthwhile.”

In Florida alone, it is estimated that more than 580,0000 people are currently living with Alzheimer’s Disease and experts predict that this number will increase to almost 750,000 people by 20252. That is why people like Joanne, who are dedicated caregivers, study  partners and advocates for clinical research, are extraordinary in helping the future.

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