Sarah Farmer

Sarah started her health care career by using her entrepreneurial spirit and created a class-based fitness facility in St. Augustine, Florida.  She developed partnerships with corporations and worked closely with their health care reps to develop health and wellness programs for their employees.  Sarah has also worked to create a successful Physician Outreach programs with Haven Hospice, as well as with Pophealth Care, where she built  high-quality, high-value relationships between medical groups, hospitals and health systems in assigned areas to drive enrollment in all service areas. Sarah has successfully developed marketing campaigns for physicians and hospitals that assist with brand awareness and created education within the healthcare industry. She serves on GAP’s Participant Service (GPS) team as a liaison, who support GAP-Net sites to meet their screening and randomization goals through various strategies including community outreach, physician and community partnerships, and advertising. Liaisons share best practices in GAP-enabled trials and help sites address obstacles as they operationalize studies. She serves sites in Florida. She has 28 different certifications in Health and Wellness and has a Certificate of Business Management and Travel Domestic/International from the International Air Academy. 

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